Escapes, discoveries and see different ways of life

I was not always able to escape the everyday life but I always discovered something new.
My business trips which took me to places I had never seen before , provided me with an insight of the world of work in different countries.

My leisure travels which were planned and customised by us with the help of a friendly travel agent, we tried to find spots beside the tourist highways without forgetting the hotspots, still worth to see.

The idea is to have a comfortable Hotel, I prefer a small one with personalized service, good size room and I am a bathroom freak, a modern bathroom, e.g. separate shower and space.
I am a bon vivant and enjoy excellent food and wine but also harmony on my plate, in the Hotel room and the surroundings as well as catching the atmosphere of the region.
A good Restaurant with regional dishes prepared in a superb way, I am happy. It does not have to be Michelin Star Restaurant even I would not say NO to it.

What will you find here ?

Short stories about our travel including info to the Hotels and Restaurants to make you curious about it .

My descriptions are my very personal opinion of the location, Hotel and Restaurants.

Regina Fink Blumer